Diëtist Aileen de Vogel in Dordrecht en omstreken. Voedings-, dieet- en leefstijladvies.


To give you the care and guidance you deserve, Aileen continues to develop and combines practical advice with the latest scientific research.

Persoonlijke aanpak

Do you want to receive personal attention and tailor-made advice? Aileen finds it important to listen and to connect to your wishes, goals and personal situation.


Do you enjoy looking at opportunities and achieving your goals precisely through a positive approach? Many preceded you and achieved great results under the guidance of Aileen.

Nutrition, diet and lifestyle consultation for powerful women and their partners.

As a registered dietitian, I specialize in women and their life stages: pregnancy wish, pregnancy and menopause.
From an early age I have had a fascination for new life and the influence that nutrition and lifestyle have on it. Based on this interest, I already started to study women's nutrition during my dietician training. We're all unique and deserve the care that suits us best. My guidance is honest, with a sense of humor and always in consultation with you!


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