Diëtist Aileen de Vogel in Dordrecht en omstreken. Voedings-, dieet- en leefstijladvies.

About Dietitian Aileen

Do you also want to achieve your goals and work on ahealthy and balanced lifestyle?

Everyone has personal goals and wishes. There is a lot to be gained with the right balance in enjoyment, healthy eating, sufficient exercise, sleep and relaxation. In addition, there are of course specific advice and recommendations for each target group. Below you will find more information and discover which treatment suits you.

Treatment method

Diëtistenpraktijk Aileen de Vogel now has two beautiful locations. One in Dordrecht and one in Gorinchem.

Aileen as speaker and teacher

Dietician and lifestyle expert Aileen de Vogel has an honest approach with a sense of humor and can listen well.