Diëtist Aileen de Vogel in Dordrecht en omstreken. Voedings-, dieet- en leefstijladvies.

treatment method

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Kom in contact en maak je afspraak.
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Eerste uitgebreide gesprek waarbij wij elkaar leren kennen en een behandelplan uitzetten.
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Evaluatiegesprekken waarin Aileen je ondersteunt om jouw doelen te bereiken.
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Resultaten behalen
Het bereiken van je jouw haalbare doelen en het opzetten van een toekomstplan.

Aanmelden en intake

How nice that you are interested in making an appointment. You can easily make an appointment via the appointment button. Of course you can also send an email, whatsapp message or give us a call. After registration, I will make an inventory of whether and how I can best help you.

The first consultation takes 75 to 90 minutes and can be face-to-face or online. During the first consultation we go through your personal situation, your request for help is paramount. In addition, I collect a lot of information about any complaints, personal circumstances and your exercise and eating pattern. We can also take any measurements such as weight, height and/or waist circumference during this consultation. In addition, my practice has a body composition scale. This scale can also measure body composition with a stream through the feet and hands. This measurement is only suitable for non-pregnant women.
Together we set achievable goals that suit you, this results in a treatment plan that you can use. This treatment plan may include dietary, nutritional, lifestyle and/or exercise advice.

After the first or second consultation, your referrer/general practitioner will be informed in writing of your progress and treatment plan. I also inform the referrer when the treatment is concluded by means of a feedback report.


The follow-up consultation takes 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes as desired. During this follow-up consultation we will discuss your progress and you can ask all your questions. You will have the opportunity to tell us what went well and what you encountered. Where necessary, we will adjust your goals and you will receive additional information and tools. Where appropriate I use tools, formats or the Bullet Journal method. We can take new measurements if desired.

Resultaten en afsluiten behandeling

The interim evaluations will show how you stand in relation to your final goal. When you have achieved your goals or have sufficient tools to continue on your own, we decide to stop the treatment. During the last consultation it is customary to draw up a plan for the future to prevent relapse.

collaborating partners

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