Diëtist Aileen de Vogel in Dordrecht en omstreken. Voedings-, dieet- en leefstijladvies.

For referrers


Since 2011, the dietician is freely accessible, ie without a doctor’s referral. However, some health insurers require a referral for non-contracted care. (CZ, Ditzo, De Amersfoortse, OHRA, Nationale Nederlanden, Eucare en Salland).

Diëtistenpraktijk Aileen de Vogel meets all requirements in accordance with the professional group and has a current registration Quality Register Paramedics.

As a (family) doctor, medical specialist or dentist you can refer to Diëtistenpraktijk Aileen de Vogel. You can write your own referral letter or use the referral letter below. You can also send a referral via email aileendevogel@zorgmail.nl. If you need a referral block, you can contact the practice via 06-57204781 or info@aileendevogel.nl

Other care providers, such as midwives, can also forward to me. It is sometimes still necessary for the client to obtain a referral letter from the doctor, general practitioner or medical specialist in order to be eligible for possible reimbursement from the health insurer.