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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  1. In these General Terms and Conditions:

Dietitian: professional who provides nutritional information and dietary treatment and who is authorized to use the title
dietician under the Individual Health Care Professions Act.

Client/Patient: natural person who consults the dietician for nutritional information or dietary consultation.

Diet: nutrition on medical indication.

Dietary treatment: advice and guidance regarding a diet.

Nutritional advice: advice on a healthy diet without a medical indication.

  1. The patient/client or their legal representative can purchase services from a dietitian after it has been agreed in an intake interview what the nature of the service is:
    dietary treatment or nutritional advice.
  2. In the case of dietary treatment, the patient’s guidance cannot start until after the patient can submit a referral from a doctor or general practitioner or, in the case of
    direct access, a screening by the dietitian has taken place
  3. The dietitian informs the patient/client in writing about the costs of the service
  4. The treatment time consists of the time that the patient/client has spent in the consulting room with the dietician (direct patient-related time) plus the time that the dietician has spent on patient-related activities when the patient is not present (dietary advice).
  5. The patient/client undertakes to reimburse fees from the first consultation (for screening, advice or treatment).
  6. Expenses for dietary advice are submitted via VECOZO directly to health insurers with whom the dietitian has a contract, up to the maximum contracted number of hours per year. In the absence of a contract, or in the event that the maximum contracted number of treatment hours is exceeded, the patient/client will receive an invoice that
    he must pay to the dietician.
  7. The non- or partial reimbursement of costs of dietary advice by the health insurer with which the patient is insured does not suspend the payment obligation.
  8. If the patient/client cancels an appointment with a dietitian no earlier than 24 hours before that appointment, the dietician can charge the patient/client for the planned consultation. The bill amounts to a maximum of three times the quarter-hourly rate.
  9. The patient/client can terminate the agreement at any time, provided that the dietician is notified in writing 48 hours before an appointment is made.
  10. The dietitian can terminate the agreement if the dietician does not expect the advice to lead to the desired results. The dietician informs the patient/client in good time when the dietician sees such a situation coming.
  11. Articles 4 to 10 of the General Terms and Conditions also apply to nutritional advice.

Terms of payment Dietitian

  1. The amounts declared by the dietician to a patient or his legal representative for fees, costs and other reimbursements arising from the consultation must be paid within 15 days of the date stated on the statement.
  2. If the patient/client has not paid the amount due within 15 days of the date stated on the invoice, the dietician will give the patient/client notice of default and give a term for payment. In the absence of this timely payment, the patient/client is in default.
  3. As of the day on which he/she is in default, the patient/client owes the statutory interest on the amount due to the dietitian, as long as the patient/client continues to fail to fulfill his/her obligations.
  4. The dietician will claim this interest if the patient/client has not fulfilled his/her obligations even after the period referred to in Article 3.
  5. If, in the case referred to in Article 2, the patient/client has not yet fulfilled his/her obligations within the reasonable term stated therein after a payment reminder, the dietician is entitled to immediately proceed to collection of the claim, or to inform third parties of this. burden.
  6. All costs involved in the collection of invoiced amounts (including the extrajudicial collection costs) are at the expense of the patient/client. The extrajudicial collection costs amount to at least 15% of the amount to be claimed, with a minimum of € 27.00 (all excluding sales tax).
  7. Unless the contrary is expressly proven, the dietician’s administrative details are binding with regard to the correctness of what is owed by the patient or client.
  8. If a client or patient is dissatisfied with the treatment, he/she will first contact the attending dietician to resolve this dispute in mutual consultation. Complaints that cannot be resolved mutually can be submitted. The Dieticians Cooperative of the Netherlands (DCN) takes care of the registration for dieticians at the
    complaints and disputes procedure. The implementation lies with the Complaints Desk Paramedics:
    Klachtenloket Paramedici, Postbus 19207, 3501 DE Utrecht, 030 310 09 29,
  9. A copy of the general terms and conditions of payment is available free of charge, ask your dietician for it.